Services in detail – 24-hour Blood Pressure Reading

24-Hour Blood Pressure Reading

Blood pressure issues can occur at any age. In infants, it is very rarely a problem, around puberty, however, very often symptomatic blood pressure problems do occur. One cause is the rapid change of various physical and hormonal functions. In addition, there are various external factors such as school stress, energy drinks with lots of caffeine, alcohol and little exercise. The exercise of strength sports (fitness, bodybuilding) – as opposed to endurance sports (swimming, running) – can also have negative effects.

24-hour blood pressure reading can often clearly show the typical forms of hypertension – unlike individual measurements, which are hardly informative due to high fluctuations and examination stress.
The measurement is also optimally suited for the evaluation of therapeutic measures (lifestyle changes, medication).
The new devices used for the examination are very small and quiet and cause only minimal inconvenience.