Services in Detail – Sports Medicine

Sports medical care

Physical activity plays a vital role in human health. However, not only adults but also young athletes should undergo a medical check before training, so that they can train in a proper and healthy manner. Results of screening tests on athletes have shown that this can minimize many risks.

In Austria, there are no uniform guidelines for the sports medical examination of children at present. Often, screening is conducted by institutes specializing in adults. My practice takes special care of the special requirements of the little athletes. We offer any non-invasive, cardiological examination modalities in order to detect a possible risk in good time.

The basic program includes:

  • Family anamnesis
  • General pediatric examination
  • Resting ECG and blood pressure reading
  • 2D color Doppler echocardiography (including neck vessels)
  • Bicycle ergometry with age-appropriate stress profiles

With the aid of echocardiography, which is not usually part of a standard sports medical examination, hidden changes, such as dilations of the main artery (aneurysms), coronary artery anomalies, myocardial diseases, heart valve pathologies, atrial septal defects (dangerous e.g. for scuba diving), etc., can be detected in a timely manner.

The program can be extended as required (laboratory, etc.). In case of abnormalities/pathologies, the necessary examinations such as X-ray, long-term ECG, laboratory, etc., can seamlessly follow.