Services in detail – Heart Noise and Heart Ultrasound

Heart Noise and Heart Ultrasound

The pediatrician examination often detects a heart murmur. Heart sounds can occur at any age and can sound very diverse. Accurate assessment requires profound, specialist experience. With the help of an echocardiography or a heart ultrasound, a clear diagnosis is possible. Like that, all causes of the heart noises can be safely clarified.

In addition to pathological changes, such as a narrowing of the valves or large arteries, cardiac sounds are often “functionally” induced. That is, normal flow sounds due to e.g. fever or excitement of the child during the examination are perceived. These heart sounds are often caused by something called aberrant tendon thread; In this case, thin threads lie transversely in the left ventricle, which can cause a musical noise in the flowing blood.

In the case of pathological changes, the ultrasound examination allows a precise classification of the narrowing. Based on this data, we can determine the necessary control intervals and, if necessary, also the therapy.